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Our Airfield Ground Lighting business specializes in solving the airfield lighting challenges for clients in off-grid or weak-grid locations. Our self-contained solar airfield lights support daily flight operations at helipads and airstrips in demanding environments around the globe and include both military and civilian airports.

Our Aviation Obstruction business provides practical and cost-effective solutions for aviation hazard marking, barricade lighting, way-finding, railway blue flag protection, equipment marking, and more by way of our solar-powered, self-contained LED lighting products.

Our Offshore Wind(link is external) business specializes in the provision of comprehensive safety and marking systems for offshore wind farms.

Our Marine (link is external)business provides total marine aids to navigation products and systems for Coast Guards, marine authorities, navies, and ports around the globe.

Carmanah serves the North American traffic safety market through the provision of solar-powered flashing beacons for pedestrian crosswalk signals, school zone flashers, and 24-hr roadway beacons.


Our Outdoor Lighting(link is external) business provides advanced solar-powered LED illumination products for pathways, parking lots, and streets.


Our Off-Grid power(link is external) business provides solar kits, solar panels, inverters, chargers, batteries, and other power accessories for the RV, utility, and fleet vehicles, and marine markets.

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