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Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems

VACIS® systems scan cargo containers, trucks, cars and other vehicles to help authorities search for weapons, nuclear material, narcotics, undeclared goods and other contraband at cargo terminals, border crossings, military facilities and other checkpoints.  

VACIS® M6500

Mobile Inspection System

The versatile, compact VACIS® M6500 system scans trucks, cargo containers, cars and other vehicles. The system can scan 150 vehicles per hour or more, and can even scan occupied vehicles.


FullScan Integrated Cargo Inspection System

The VACIS® IP6500 FullScan system is a powerful, practical solution for scanning cargo containers, trucks and other vehicles in high-volume operations. Its x-ray imaging and radiation scanning help security personnel intercept weapons, nuclear material and other contraband hidden in containers. It can scan entire vehicles, bumper to bumper and roof to tires, including occupants. And with its high throughput and small footprint, the system is ideal for seaports and other high-volume cargo facilities.


Passenger Vehicle Scanning System

The VACIS® XPL system scans passenger cars and other light vehicles to help security personnel search for weapons, explosives, drugs and other threats. The system scans entire vehicles bumper to bumper in seconds as they drive through without stopping. Detailed images reveal even small items such as handguns, and color coding highlights explosives, drugs and other organic materials. The system's low X-ray dose allows drivers and passengers to remain in the vehicle while it is scanned, enabling the system to scan 150 vehicles per hour or more in the normal flow of checkpoint traffic.


Trailer-Mounted Scanning System


The VACIS® GT system is a rugged, highly mobile system for scanning passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and other vehicles at remote or ad hoc sites, even in hostile environments.

With its trailer-mounted design, the system can be towed to an inspection site by a light vehicle and readied for use in minutes. The high-throughput system scans vehicles from bumper to bumper and roof to axles in seconds to provide detailed images of their contents.

All-Terrain VACIS® 

Scanning System


Our versatile All-Terrain VACIS® mobile scanning system allows customs and security agents to search vehicles and cargo for weapons, contraband and other suspicious items in remote locations and difficult terrain.


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