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Unidades eléctricas para la movilización de aeronaves en tierra. 

Sistemas seguros y efectivos para la movilización de aviones y helicópteros de distintas magnitudes con una tecnología innovadora y óptima.

Mototok M-Series:

Maximum Manoeuvrability. The safest and most effective way of moving aircraft towbarless. Electrify your Ground Handling.

Savings and optimizations by using innovative technology for in- and outhangaring, parking and for pushback operations:

The world's best towing system.

Moving an aircraft the conventional way – with a towbar

Maneuvering with a towbar means “steering by moving“. Turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are two inseparable motions when using a towbar. Turning the nose wheel is only possible when the aircraft is moved backwards or forwards.

The aircraft has to be moved several metres for the nose gear to turn and move the aircraft into another direction. This in turn increases the space needed for extensive manoeuvering.

Moving an aircraft the innovative way – with Mototok!


Manouevering with Mototok is easier by far. The fuselage and wingtips remain in position whilst turning the nose gear on the spot for manoeuvering. With Mototok both turning the nose gear and moving the aircraft are two completely different movements – the deciding advantage of the Mototok Tug Sytem. The result is a minimum requirement of space whilst shunting the aircraft.

This example shows that turning an aircraft by 90° reduces manoevering space to a circle.

Take a look inside.

Powerful electric motors driven by high-performance, maintenance- free batteries with high cycling capability, regulated and controlled by two high performance microprocessors provide enormous driving forces. Extremely high initial torque ensures smooth acceleration, particularly at the start. Storage capacity is sufficient for lots of operations, depending on workload.

Cost effective.

  • Low personnel costs by means of wireless transmission control – the operator is essentially a “wing walker” himself

  • Increases the number of aircrafts in your Hangar

  • No driving licence required

  • Extremely low maintenance costs, no maintenance plan necessary


  • Maneuver a wide range of aircraft with the same Mototok-model – ONE MACHINE for all corporate aircraft single or double nose wheel including helicopters

  • Connect the aircraft from the front or the rearHydraulic nose wheel adjustment * –

  • for different nose wheel diameters


  • Hydraulic fixation of the nose wheel

  • Fully programmable speeds, braking curves, initial torques and over steering protection *

  • Gentle treatment of the landing gear with a built in hydropneumatic system

  • 100 % circumferential visual control around the aircraft.

  • No knocks. No collisions. Optimum use of limited space!


  • Docking takes a matter of seconds from the rear or front of the nose wheel. Simply drive the Mototok up to the nose wheel. The wheel is then hydraulically fixed firmly in position and raised  ready for take off! All this with no awkward strap, no inconvenient winch. No bolts or tools are required.

  • Radio remote controlled operating under an industrial frequency code approved for airports.

  • Automatic connection to the aircraft‘s nose wheel with one click.*

  • No straps, no winch, no tools required.

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