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Unlimited Systems was founded in 2006 with the purpose of providing the Peruvian and regional market with comprehensive solutions with cutting-edge technologies for inspection and control in the specialized fight for international security against smuggling, drug trafficking, terrorism in all its modalities, applying systems high precision with professional and specialized support for the detection of illicit goods, weapons, explosives, drugs, controlled chemical agents, biological agents, radioactive and other threats in sensitive and regulated sectors such as: airports, border controls, ports, customs, ministries, embassies, warehouses and any critical infrastructure that requires guaranteeing its security through the use of technologies such as tomography, X-rays, millimeter waves, metal detectors, spectrometers, substance analyzers, among others.

With more than 16 years of experience and leadership, we are the most important Peruvian company in the sector specialized in non-intrusive security. We represent the best brands on the market, particularly highlighting our portfolio from the world leader RAPISCAN SYSTEMS -  AS&E. All our engineers and technicians are trained and certified in different security technologies with the purpose of guaranteeing our clients the best support and assistance service 24/7.

We have the most important client portfolio nationwide, with responsibility for the care and control of non-intrusive control equipment in the main national airports, logistics operators, warehouses, embassies and other institutions that demand the highest standards in technology, quality of service and regulatory compliance.

At Unlimited Systems we care about complying with local and international regulations applied to the different control sectors, especially we have experts for the design and implementation of airport infrastructure and port control projects.

Our success is focused on five pillars:

We care about having the best portfolio of products and solutions based on proven and certified cutting-edge technologies that ensure the best results in terms of the detection of prohibited goods and materials, reduction of false alarms, optimization of times and investments.

All our technologies have been tested, certified and used in the main international markets under the support of the world's leading manufacturers.

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