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X-Screen® - X-Ray Image Recognition Training

X-Screen® is an online X-Ray Image Recognition and Interpretation Training system, certified by the UK DfT to comply with EU 6-in-6 regulations while being compliant with ICAO and other recognised international standards.

Now available on all mobile and web-based platforms, without any need for a 3rd party software download or higher performance hardware, X-Screen® has been designed & developed for X-Ray screeners of all experience levels. X-Screen® was the first system to allow for real X-Ray training images to be built by the end-user, as well as being the first to offer individual X-Ray images and photos to improve overall recognition training, an important feature many now replicate.

X-Screen® offers the System Administrator the ability to modify the lesson styles to match the experience level of the trainee while the full reporting system provides feedback for Managers, Supervisors, and Screeners… including full playback facilities!

X-Screen® offers high quality, X-Ray correct simulation on all major X-Ray machines and the innovative Bag-Builder module allows new threat objects to be added into the substantial image library quickly and efficiently*. As regulations change, X-Screen® can be quickly reconfigured to reflect new operational environments within minutes, ensuring screeners receive training that is relevant to their duties, regardless of industry sector. X-Screen® contains training environments that cater for Carry-On or Cabin Baggage, Hold Baggage, Cargo, Mail or Small Cargo, Airport Supplies, Prisons, Secure Buildings, Events, etc.

In addition to the extensive training image library, the integral Image Builder module within X-Screen® gives the user the ability to create a greater scope of training material, allowing for a more focussed, detailed training regime befitting local operating requirements. An Administrator can create ‘induction’, ‘remedial’, ‘refresher’ or ‘advanced’ training lessons, all within the same system, for all major operational environments giving a greater degree of control over the training.

Unlike other systems, the unique Adaptive Training feature in X-Screen® allows the system to provide targeted training based on a user’s historic performance, giving the system Administrator the ability, and time, to create specific training to assign to users without any loss of training time.

The effectiveness of security screening and the probability of threat detection can be directly related to the level of training and performance of the X-Ray operator. Our X-Screen® Image Recognition and Interpretation Training course will ensure trainees:

• Understand their role and responsibilities in relation to security, the screening of passengers, mail, supplies and freight

• Have the necessary knowledge and skills in threat detection technology to perform optimum security duties

• Adhere to international security standards, best practices, and relevant local regulations

• Keep abreast of new and emerging threats

• Enhance their skills and knowledge across multiple X-Ray machine types



Please see X-Screen® Terms of Service HERE


X-Screen® Facts and Figures

Duration: Dependant on course option
Price: Multiple purchase options available – please contact us for a solution to fit your specific training requirements.

  • Available as an online system, or in a traditional classroom format if required

  • 18 X-Ray operational environments (machine interfaces)

  • Unlimited X-Ray image training library

  • Each individual item has both X-Ray signatures and real-life photos for reference

  • Used by 95% of UK DfT regulated airports

  • Used by London 2012 Olympics, 2014 Commonwealth Games

  • Capable of generating bag libraries in excess of 1,000,000 images

  • New objects added to the image library every year

  • Multiple X-Ray machine simulators with X-Ray correct images

  • Nearly 200 default pre-prepared lessons

  • In excess of 3,000 pre-built X-ray Images

  • Trainer-led bespoke training

  • Multiple operational environments (Cabin Baggage, Airport Supplies, Hold Baggage, Cargo, Mailroom, Events, etc.)

  • Full product support: software updates, e-mail and telephone support

  • Complete Threat-specific Induction lessons

  • 80 default Cargo lessons

  • 150 default Dual View Carry-On lessons

  • 40 default Hold Baggage lessons

  • 1,000 Cargo containers

  • 500+ Airport Supplies containers

    *subject to X-Ray machine compatibility


Affordable, Convenient, High Quality Training


At Quadratica UK we are continuously looking for ways to provide our customers with the best functionality, in the most economic format. Legislative training can be expensive, and the quality of instruction can vary from trainer to trainer. Our online training courses deliver high quality training, every time. Scheduling training for a large work force no longer requires the hire of training rooms or taking staff off the ‘floor’. Our courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so training can be scheduled around staff availability and convenience.

To keep our clients’ training overheads down, we have priced our courses by the licence – if only 2 people require training at any one time, our clients only pay for 2 licences, whereas a certified instructor will charge the same amount whether they are training 2 or 20 people.

We provide training managers with the best possible tools to educate their security staff by continually developing ground-breaking technologies. Our products are designed with a strong focus on our customers’ ever evolving needs and the shifting landscapes of the security industry.

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